Sharing Memories

Created by Tony on 12/01/2017
Paula was taken when she was only 32 years old. She has left an unfillable void in so many peoples lives, but the one massive thing that she has left with us are MEMORIES. Memories of nights out with friends, memories of nights out with family, memories of nights out with work colleagues, memories of holidays taken, memories of walks taken, memories, memories and more memories.
Paula loved life and life loved Paula. The world was a brighter place when she was around, with that beaming smile showing perfect white teeth and the brilliant blue eyes which were like the deepest bluest lake that you have ever seen.
Paula made an impression on everyone she came into contact with. From the people she worked with to the best and closest group of friends anyone could wish to have.
Her family were proud to call her one of their own. Her parents were proud of the outstanding, caring and loving daughter she had become, as were her sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins.
Through this tribute book we can all share our memories and thoughts of the wonderful woman, who is now, the brightest star in the sky.