Many memories from 12 years of friendship

Created by Joanne on 13/01/2017
Its difficult to take just one memory from 12 years of friendship.We had so many laughs and tears over that time. Numerous raucous nights in and out, mini breaks to Blackpool and Ullswater. Paula was always there for me, even when she was poorly she still checked up on me just to see how I was doing...... typically putting others before herself. If I had to pick one memory it would be the time she found her true love. Whilst working with P at Hartlepool, one day, I remember wondering where Tony and Paula had gone but thought nothing of it until, a couple of days later they'd both gone for dinner together and again did their disappearing act. I'd noticed Tony's office door was closed more often than it had been and there was always the sound of laughter coming from inside.
One day, while out for lunch with P, she said " I need to tell you something " ....then it hit me...." You're seeing Tony aren't you ", " Yes " she beamed. She was so exited and over the following months it was a joy to see them so happy together and it turned into a beautiful 10 year relationship. They enjoyed such good times and remained strong through the bad times. They were so lucky to have found each other and shared the time they had.
Forever in my heart P. I'm gonna miss you xx